Friday, September 12, 2008

Mark Costner Rocks On Water

Mark, thank you for your email last week. I've added your successful journey results to my own Blog thanking all the fans whom also let me know they were wishing you the most positive energy during your time of necessary additional strength. So, do as the Doctor ordered.....add the apple too for good measure...Jen should have some to spare from her students :-)...."carry on wayward son.......with your life"......Mark, if I can survive a catastrophic experience.....I knew damned well you could with your positive outlook and internal force for optimum results. Follow what your Dad said......when we have a gift through our words in our's a wonderful way to share it with those whom need or wish they had fingertip access to the knowledge from our experiences. Be Nike: Just Do It. You won't regret that experience at all; I promise. You could be a band member of the New Radicals "We only get we give, don't give've got a reason to live"

Peace and love to you

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