Friday, May 30, 2008

The Greatest Drive


For my initial foray into the Blogosphere (Blogland? BlogWorld?), I thought I would share a little story about a special moment I had last weekend.  

Charlie and I ducked out late Saturday afternoon to take in 9 holes of golf at the South Shore Country Club.  It was our first time out for the summer, and my game was a vivid illustration.  I couldn't hit a drive to save my life, even with my 3 wood, which I now rely upon far more often than the Big Bertha.  As you know, I've never learned to control that beast.  I'm talking sheer ugliness that day -- even to the point of hooking drives way left (which I rarely do), like a baseball player getting around way too early on a change-up.  Charlie, meanwhile, is steady as she goes.  Every shot sailed straight down the middle, which truthfully made me happier than if I had been playing well.

It was a beautiful afternoon.  The late afternoon sun illuminated the brilliant colors of the golf course as only can happen in the spring or fall.  We finished the 5th hole and stepped up to the 6th.  "Where's the hole, Dad?"  Charlie said.  You can't see the green from the tee on the 6th (it's where the kids go sledding in the winter).  

"Just over that hill," I replied, which suddenly made me think to myself, "Just beyond that rise..."  

I smiled to myself, looked out -- just beyond that rise -- and thought of you, wishing at that moment that our twosome was a threesome.  "I'm going to dedicate this drive to Mark," I thought to myself.  For some odd reason, I pulled out the Big Bertha for its maiden voyage of the day.  I stepped up, steadied the hands, and struck the ball.  Beautiful.  Majestic.  Long.  Very long.  And dead straight. Steadily rising higher and higher toward the puffy white clouds as the yards passed rapidly underneath.  Seeming like it would never come down.  I couldn't see the end result as it disappeared behind the hill, but I knew as soon as I hit it.  One of the all-time best. 

Why was I able to channel everything I had at that moment into hitting the perfect drive on the perfect afternoon over the perfect rise?  Of course, if I knew, I would quit my job tomorrow and join the tour.  But I like to think it was a sign -- a positive sign of the beauty of life and good things to come.  

The rest of the round was decidedly non-descript as far as my playing goes. But for one shot, one brief moment in time when you were there with me, all was just as it should be.   




Thursday, May 29, 2008


Well, round 3 is over and done. Everything went well. I can't believe we are at the mid point of the treatment. In 3 weeks we will have the fourth treatment and then they will do another CT scan to see what the size of the tumors are after chemo. The oncologist seems confident that there will be major shrinkage. ( not the George Costanza kind) 10 days ago was a rough 6 days for Mark. We ended up going in for fluids and BP issues. His white blood cell count got down to zero and we got a little nervous when he spiked a fever of 100. At 100.4 we have to take him into the hospital for IV antibiotics. It never got above 100 so we dodged that bullet. We think now that he has lost 20 lbs. he may no longer need his blood pressure medicine and that is what was making it so low and him so light headed. He got the OK to get off of it and hopefully that will fix the problem.

Mark is heading to his parents tomorrow for some pampering from his mom and dad. The kids are so excited because they each get to have kids overnight during the weekend. I have been like a dictator about having anyone in the house and this will be a nice reprieve for them. Since the basement is now finished, it's much more comfy down there. We will have seven 13 yr. old girls tomorrow night and seven 15 and 16 yr. olds saturday night at Casa de Costner. I guess I need to get more pancake mix.

Only 5 more days of school left this year. It has gone by quickly as usual. It is actually a break for me because I can let up on the homework and study nagging for 10 weeks. That gets exhausting. I hope you all have fun plans for the summer and thanks again for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers.


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hey guys,

Sitting here wondering how today went.  Although you know what to expect, it still doesn't make it any easier.  Just wanted you to know we are here, thinkin' bout you and praying.  Lots of lova from Beantown to Indy,

Car and Scott and crew

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Lester Beats Cancer and throws no-hitter!

Mark, just thinking of you watching Jon Lester pitch last night. Lester, who beat non-hodgkins lymphoma about a year and a half ago, sealed the the 2007 World Series for the Red Sox, and then last night throw a no-hitter!! How is that for some inspiration ...

If you didn't catch the game here is the a piece of the story from the Boston Globe this morning:

"Jon Lester is 24 years old. He's a cancer survivor. He's the winner of the clinching game of the 2007 World Series. Now he's the first Sox lefty to throw a no-hitter since Mel Parnell turned the trick against the Chicago White Sox in 1956. It was the first complete game of Lester's major league career."

If you go to you can read all about it if you have not already. I was fortunate enough to turn on the game in the 8th inning and watch the ending --- what luck!

Let's get this cancer thing behind you and move on to bigger and better things!!

Our thoughts and prayers are with you as always.


Thursday, May 15, 2008

Better than Ambien

Try visualizing this possibility next time you can't sleep at 3:30am. Works every time for me! Mark (Click on the title "better than ambien")

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Hey guys,

Haven't blogged in a while. That doesn't sound right. Just returned from filling up my van to the tune of $74.00. ughh! I will be housebound for a while with those prices. Also went to the post office and we had a rate hike there too. man-o-man, it's scarey out there.

Marky mark is in an exhausted state right now and can hardly lift a limb. He says his legs feel like bricks. This happened on the last round also. It lasted about 3 days and then he began to gain some strength. We have to remember that the drugs are a cumulative thing in his system and that with each round, he will be weaker and weaker. He has been very conscious about shaking hands and getting too close to people. He can't afford to catch anything.

I have just popped homemade philly cheese steaks in the oven to melt. yum. Mark's appetite is ravenous with all those steroids in him. He has lost 20 pounds and looks great. I believe that is mostly due to the absence of ANY alcohol in the past 2 months. I, of course, have had to double up on my intake so my bloat is lookin good!

Thanks for keeping up with us. We appreciate the love and prayers. Can you add one more prayer to your list? Pray for my friend Terri. Just pray good thoughts.



Friday, May 9, 2008

Ellie agrees!

Hi Uncle Mark,
  I think Andy Man should shave his head.  It's far too long as you can see.  You do look like Dr. Evil...but in a good way.  Andy will make a great mini me.
  We are thinking of you lots and love you more!
Ellie Mae Clampett Monger

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

New pics 5/7/08

5/7/08 Cycle 2, Day 1
Dr. Evil
"My dad's bald, nice."
Mark, Jen, Andyman and Livie,

Today is a big day.  Round two of the fight.  Our prayers continue fast and furiously, God is on speed dial in our house these days.  So many people ask for you and tell us they are praying.  

We will talk to you all soon but until then, chin up, shoulders back and forge ahead.


Carrie and Scott