Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Well, I have once again returned from incarcerating Marky back to the hospital. He spiked a fever of 102 and off we went. We knew the drill and it was pretty much the same as exactly 1 month ago when we were in. His white blood cells were at 0.7 so they immediately reserved us a room. We hope this stay won't be as long as the last (5 days). He is on the hard core IV antibiotics and is labeled neutropenic. Call me crazy, call me neutropenic, just don't call me late for happy hour. Queer.

One more chemo treatment a week from tomorrow if it doesn't get pushed back. Keep the prayers comin. No, really, keep em comin.


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Source of Strength!

Hey guys,
  Keep on leaning on each other for your source of strength!  Together you are a force to be reckoned with...don't ever forget that.
I love you,

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


We are in the home stretch. Five chemo cycles complete and one more in three weeks. We just got home and I just set Marky Mark up with the king size bed and a king size Reeses blizzard. After talking with the oncologist today, we learn the tumors have indeed decreased in size by about 70%. After the final cycle on aug. 8th, they will do another CT scan. We are not really sure what we want to see then. If there is absolutely NO change, that could be a good thing. Meaning, the cancer was gone on the last scan and only dead cells or scar tissue remain. If it continues shrinking, that is good but means it is not completely gone. We hope these last two cycles kills the rest of the cancer cells. Basically, he told us the next 5 years will be uncertain because they will not call you cured until the 5 year mark. They will continue to do regular CT scans every few months and we will breath a sigh of relief after each one comes back unchanged. We continue to be optimistic and full of hope. The cumulative effects of chemo are quite harsh and Mark is a survivor. His glass remains half full. The kids continue to thrive and will head back to school on aug. 11th. I had a great visit with my sister Ali last weekend. She came to supply an arsenal of laughs and cosmos. I head to Boston at the end of the month for her husband's 40th bday celebration. Girl's weekend looks to be on in November in Des Moines. Our families continue to be a source of strength for us. Thank you all for your love and prayers.


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Dear Marky and Jennie,
  Thank you soooo much for such a wonderful, relaxing, fun-filled weekend to Indy.  I can't tell you how great it was to see ALL of you....even Draky!  "Look, I'm a dog person"!  I'll be thinking of you Mark during your consult this week.  I know all will be as it should be.  The kids loved the notes you sent them...thank you!  Lots of love to you all and don't forget to ask the all-important question Jennie...."Does my fat a-- make my a-- look fat"?
Love you,

Sunday, July 6, 2008

On Melting and Speed Bumps

We got Great News and other news this week. I posted a few details in my column to the right. Independence Day weekend- happy 232nd!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

still in the hospital

well, now they want to keep him until saturday. He is still running a 101 fever and the antibiotics should kick in tomorrow. He is hot one minute and has chills the next. They are going to push back the 5th chemo treatment one week because his white blood cell count is just too low.(0.5) They did do a CT scan and we look forward to the results tomorrow. We ask for your prayers to include complete annihilation of the tumors, and for Mark's heart to remain healthy from one of the chemo drugs, which can do damage to the heart muscle.

I am off to bed and will do this all again tomorrow.


visiting the hospital

Well, i am home after 4 hours in the ER and hospital. Mark spiked a high fever and the protocol is IV antibiotics. We don't know what is causing the infection but hope to figure it out in the next day or two. He will probably spend 2 days there so they can monitor and give him the hard core IV antibiotics. I am going to catch some ZZzz's and head back to the hospital in the morning. Livie has an ingrown toenail that is on fire and Andy is well, Andy. Keep good thoughts comin our way and say a prayer for the fever and infection to go buh bye.